SuperVape’s DIY (Do It Yourself) range, made in Lips’ specialised laboratory in France, is composed of high quality raw materials. The SuperVape range is available in different nicotine levels and sizes.

Combined with different flavours, SuperVape gives you exceptionally tasty results.

Choose your flavour, your base-mix, add a booster or even an additive to your vape for a fully custom experience.


Caramel and salted butter flavour concentrate
God bless Henri Le Roux, the chocolate maker from Quiberon (Morbihan) who put caramel into semi-salted butter with nuts, hazelnuts and crushed almonds to create an unique texture. With this unique composition of SuperVape, we pay tribute to the good Henri and all the Brittany region. 

Lemon Cactus
Lemon and cactus e-liquid flavour concentrate
Mexican cactus, Argentinian lemon, this time it’s South America that’s honoured in this SuperVape creation. It is a concentrate that surprises all palates that are sensitive to acidity, and seduces them by its freshness notes in the end. This Lemon Cactus flavour, already perfect to be tasted alone in your e-liquid, also matches well with red fruits flavours.

Coffee Arabica
Coffee e-liquid flavour concentrate
Coffee offers multiple sensations in mouth thanks to 3 components: the intensity, the acidity and the aromatic notes. The SuperVape Supreme Arabica focuses on the smoothness, with a fine acidity to achieve the most harmonious flavour in the mouth. It perfectly matches with nuts and cereals, or caramel.

Peach Apricot
Peach apricot flavour concentrate
We combine these two fruits for good reason. This fruity combination is almost sensual. SuperVape puts all his efforts to the creation and suggests you to add a bit of Pear Almond Tart, or if you dare to try uncommon stuff, some pistachio or basil. 

Wild Strawberry
Wild strawberry flavour concentrate
A slightly acidic wild strawberry.

Crème Brûlée
Crème brûlée flavour concentrate
Although the exact origin of the creme brulee is unknown, SuperVape took inspiration from his childhood memory to sublimate this creation. The caramel (the one that you impatiently but carefully break with a spoon) taste, combined with creamy vanilla is such a delight!

Tropical Mix
Exotic fruits flavour concentrate
SuperVape has made up his mind and decided to mix mango, passion fruit, pineapple and papaya to delight your palate. A delicate and balanced alliance that you can enjoy in countless potions. Now, it’s your turn to be inspired and sublimate the Tropical Mix. 

Vanilla Custard
Vanilla custard flavour concentrate
A DIY classic that offers thousands of potential combinations. The Vanilla Custard is a generous flavour concentrate, buttery and creamy. You will find infinite delightful combinations with other flavours… but you can also enjoy it on its own!

Red Fruits
Red fruits flavour concentrate
The taste of red fruits mixture, enhancing all the juicy and fruity flavours of red strawberry, wild blackberry and fresh black grape. Add this flavour concentrate to your e-liquid to make it the perfect fruity all day juice. 

Classic Blend
Classic blond tobacco flavour concentrate
This flavour concentrates will perfectly satisfy new vapers and traditional smokers in search of a smooth transition. You will find the natural taste of the flavoursome blond tobacco will bring a smooth and light flavour to your vape. 

Iced Cappuccino
Iced cappuccino flavour concentrate
Coffee with whipped cream and a touch of freshness (menthol free of course)… This flavour is a fresh alternative to the popular Supreme Arabica.

Ice mint flavour concentrate
An intense freshness wave with this frosty mint to add to your DIY e-liquids. This ultra fresh and minty flavour concentrate will break the ice of your vape! Invade your palate with icy chills.

Popcorn flavour concentrate
The tasty notes of golden popcorn that fit best with a good movie!

Acid Candy
Acid candy e-liquid flavour
Acidulous, smooth and fruity at the same time, this composition is a loyal replica of the famous candy. But what are the ingredients to achieve this unique taste? Unfortunately, SuperVape is not very talkative on the subject…

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