– Made in France

– 0MG

– 120ml

SuperVape’s DIY (Do It Yourself) range, made in Lips’ specialised laboratory in France, is composed of high quality raw materials. The SuperVape range is available in different nicotine levels and sizes.

Combined with different flavours, SuperVape gives you exceptionally tasty results.

Cyber Fresh 2.0
Super fresh agent with no menthol or koolada
Cyber Fresh 2.0 is a high intensity freshener with no menthol or koolada. It can be used alone or added to your favourite juice as an additive. Cyber Fresh 2.0 brings you an intense, original and surprising sensation of freshness.

Stevia So Sweet:
Sweetener additive based on natural stevia
STEVIA SO SWEET! New SuperVape sweetener additive
After Cyber Fresh, SuperVape made a new additive available to the chemical apprentices: Stevia So Sweet. Composed by the natural stevia that is specially made for vaping, this additive allows you to add a bit of delicacy to your DIY juices. This natural sweetener will satisfy those who love smooth sensation.

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