99.9% pure American CBD Isolate, available in multiple bulk wholesale quantities to buy online. 

This Gold Standard Bulk CBD Isolate is the purest form available anywhere in the world.

Manufactured exclusively for JM Wholesale in the USA, this cannabidiol is CO2 extracted, organic, gluten free, vegan friendly and free from any harmful chemicals.

Fully lab-tested with data safety sheets and GMP approved. Please see the attached lab report images for all of the information.

Available from 1g (sample) up to 25kg Wholesale. Please contact us if you require more than 25kg Bulk Pricing.

– 99.9% Pure CBD Isolate in white powder form
– Odourless and flavourless
– Free from harmful chemicals
– Fully lab tested and safety checked
– Organic, gluten-free and vegan Isolate
– Manufactured in the USA
– Naturally extracted/non-synthetic cannabidiol

What is CBD Isolate?
CBD isolate is a powder that contains the purest form of CBD. Using a traditional extraction process, all of the active compounds are removed from the cannabis plant. This is followed by a refinement process to strip away any remaining phyto-cannabinoids and THC, leaving only the CBD chemical compound in its purest form.

What can it be used for?
CBD Isolate can be used to make almost any CBD product you can think of! Some examples of these products include:
• CBD e-liquids and vapes
• Cosmetics; moisturiser, face-cream, soaps, bath bombs etc
• CBD oils, drops and tinctures
• Food & drink, tea, coffee and sweets
• Protein powders
• CBD capsules
• And many more

CBD Isolate Benefits
CBD Isolate has been reported to support balance and mental well-being. Research suggests that this may be because the isolate stimulates the endocannabinoid system via its interaction with cannabinoid receptors in the human brain.

The effects can differ from person to person, but CBD is generally thought to encourage calm feelings and positive thoughts. Individuals have reported massive improvements to their quality of sleep when using CBD Isolate, and a feeling of rejuvenation and vivacity upon waking and throughout the day.

CBD Isolate has been linked with the following potential benefits:
• Anxiety relief
• Pain relief
• Improved post-exercise recovery
• Restorative sleep
• Increased energy and focus

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Gold Standard CBD Isolate


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